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Debt, Growth Concerns Rain on Deficit Parade

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WASHINGTONThe U.S. budget deficit is lower than before the 2008 financial crisis. But the good news is tempered by concerns on two fronts, one about the nations debt load and the other about the economy.


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European Leaders Unmoved by Greek Plea for Support

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European Leaders Unmoved by Greek Plea for SupportBY ANTON TROIANOVSKIThe Wall Street Journal EuropeJun 29 2015BERLINAthens implored Europe over the weekend to support a Greek referendum next Sunday on creditors bailout proposals, but much of the Continent responded with a quicker verdict of its own: enough already. In Germany, Greeces biggest creditor,read more


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GoodCorps Survey Evaluates How Consumers Understand Goodness

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Ask anyone whos launched a sustainable brand, and they might tell you that what consumers say theyll do to support social and environmental causes and whats reflected at the cash register are sometimes two different stories. According to social impact consultancy GoodCorps, the disconnect between sustainable words and actions might be better understood by asking…


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In Wake of the VW Scandal, Elon Musk Calls for Random Emissions Testing

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There is no respite for a company that has admitted it has rigged as many as 11 million of its vehicles, so the criticism and woes keep piling on Volkswagen. Criminal inquiries and lawsuits are already underway, and even before the fines and litigation costs add up, the German automaker will have the expensive…


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Why Businesses Should Care About Water Security

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By John DavidsonSABMiller plc There was a time not long ago when the threats to business profitability and sustainability from water shortages were largely ignored by corporate investors. Companies like ours fully understood how essential water was to us and our future and the demands that put on how we operated and behaved. But in…


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Chipotle, Panera Receive an A for Antibiotic Use

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Whats in your steak? A consortium of environmental and health organizations want you to know. This week, Friends of the Earth released an unusual report, entitled Chain Reaction, that looks not at our store-bought products, but what we get when we order that hamburger, steak, rich chicken soup or other meat-based meal in a restaurant.


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3-D Printing: Is it the Answer for the Pacific Garbage Patch?

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Its no secret that one of the worlds most pressing problems is discarded plastic. Its everywhere: in landfills, in vast quantities in our recycling bins and in even greater quantities in our oceans.